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Member Spotlight:

Carin Jetté and John Callender – July 2016

In 2000 Carin came up from Los Cabos to TS for the day and fell in love with the quaint village. She remembers walking through one of TS’s artist’s home, their doors wide open inviting you in, enjoyed browsing through the book store, having lunch at the Todos Santos Café, and then spending time on the beach where the whales were plentiful and only meters away from the shoreline. Oh, and of course having her picture taken in front of Hotel California which was then up for sale! It was such a memorable and wonderful experience she knew someday she would return.

With family moving onto different areas of the continent and parents passed on, it was time for a paradigm shift and for them to embrace life to the fullest. They had taken several vacations to Troncones, a small fishing village just 30 minutes north of Zihuatanejo and enjoyed life in Mexico and the Mexican culture. Carin worked with a friend from Victoria in Loreto, who had moved to Todos Santos, so they decided to visit her in January 2014 to check out what TS was like 14 years after Carin’s first visit.

It was dark when they arrived and Carin said she was not impressed with the bumpy roads!   It wasn’t until the next morning when they woke up and stood on their friend’s roof top deck, watching the sun rise and taking in the sites that surrounded them, that they were awe struck by the beauty in every direction! The agricultural fields, the Sierra Laguna Mountains and the wide open ocean!!! Not to mention the blue sky and the warmth! This is it, this will be home!!

During their first visit they took many desert walks, looking at for sale signs. John and Carin returned in April 2014 and more desert walks resulted in the purchase of their lot in La Ahorcodita, where they have made it their permanent home since Dec 2014, living in their fifth wheel. They have built a large palapa, a bodega, and John has been keeping very busy with learning how to garden in the desert, doing a beautiful job with adding some greenery to the dry desert landscape.

They appreciate the sense of community here in Todos Santos and are learning about the culture, studying Spanish, and volunteering where they can to give back to the Community.   One way they have done this is by chairing the Vecino Vigalante program under ACTS.   John and Carin have conducted over a dozen meetings and have helped form several Neighborhood Watch groups.   A goal for the coming year is to help form more groups and work with local Spanish residents to help them establish their own NW groups. They want to play a part in bring us together as a “community.” Since 2014, Carin has also served on the committee for the Artists Open Studio Tour.

Apart from their volunteer work here in TS, they enjoy hiking, biking, and socializing. Carin is loving getting back in touch with her creative side and has been busy painting, while John, a retired Architect Designer/Builder continues to garden and work on their house design for their soon to be “Casita on Lote 1” in La Ahorcodita.

Thank you John and Carin for all you do, especially keeping watch over our Neighborhood Watch Program!     

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April 2016

First of all I want to express my appreciation for the honor of becoming President of this association, which has the greatest interest in helping the community, and especially new generations which are the future of Todos Santos.  I am already working on a project for children from 6 to 12 years old to have English classes incorporated into the local schools’ curriculum.  Starting with a pilot program in one school, our goal is to eventually reach the approximately 300 students throughout the town.  I believe the greatest barrier to the integration of the local and foreign community is language, and the impact this program will have on both the community and the future of these children would be a great achievement for ACTS.
We are also working on a multi-tiered environmental education program for children focused on handling waste and non-renewable resources, as well as learning about respecting and preserving all the habitats of Todos Santos.
A new map of Todos Santos streets is 90% completed.  This will help both the local community and visitors find streets of our various neighborhoods, divided and color coded by Barrio.  I look forward to developing strong relationships with the Delegado and the new police commandante, and working together towards making Todos Santos as safe and beautiful as it can be.  Thank you to everyone for all the support and help I have received, and for the confidence they have in my becoming the President of ACTS. Here’s to an exciting couple of years ahead.

Las Tunas Dunes
The ECO Committee of ACTS collected nearly 600 petition signatures supporting the TS Urban Plan which does not allow permanent structures on our barrier dunes. Construction started on a dunes lot in early 2016 near Calle Los Mangos, in violation of the law. All activity was stopped by Profepa and the owners were given ample time to produce proper permits and an environmental report. They failed to do so.  As reported by Ecologia de Ayuntamentoi La Paz, this project has been shut down permanently and the owner will be heavily fined. The judge will hopefully order dunes restoration for the area they destroyed.  There is a federal case still pending.
It is important to note that real estate agents, developers, contractors, and architects who mislead dune lot owners into believing they can build on a dunes lot are also subject to being prosecuted.
Any homeowner who lives behind a home that has already been built on a dune also has the right to litigate for endangerment, due to compromising the safety and protection a dune provides.


Our new President, Eduardo Ochoa, is currently working out the details to implement various programs in the local schools, starting first with Hidalgo Elementary School. We will be taking part in the Eco Educational program in the classroom and in the field, to make the young students aware of and care about all the habitats of the beautiful oasis that is Todos Santos.

Eco Committee of ACTS

Since May members who have been trained by Marine Biologist Stephanie Rousso, have been collecting monthly data to assess beach erosion and replenishment due to storms and development. To view the detailed analysis of locations in Las Tunas go to: Beach Erosion Study 2016
Coastal Dunes Info: Coastal Preservation & Recent Articles
If you’d like to join the team and have a beach site you would like to monitor, we can show you how! Contact

Brenda Kulvietis and Anita Trammell

Noe Salgado was hired to create the new Todos Santos Community Map with all our streets identified.  Changes and additions to the map will have been completed by the time you read this. This has been a tireless undertaking by dedicated volunteers over the past two years. The large maps will be posted in key locations to help first responders know where you live in case of emergency, and smaller versions of each barrio will also be posted in the respective barrios to help locate the various streets of each area.



blanca-color-updateResources for Hurricane & Weather updates…


Beach Erosion Study 2015

See ‘Coastal Preservation’ tab for more info and updates

web DunesStudy0031

The Ecology Committee of ACTS, in partnership with Wildcoast, have launched a Beach Erosion Monitoring project this summer.  Teams will be taking measurements before and after storms to determine the effects storms have on how our beaches and barrier dunes erode and replenish themselves. The resulting charts made from the collected statistics are important to scientists and government agencies to not only assess the continuing impact of storm activity and turtle nesting along our coast, but the impact of development as well.

Many thanks to marine biologist Stephanie Rousso of Pro Fauna Baja and head of the Todos Santos chapter of Wildcoast, for training the first group of participants, who in turn will be training and working with the Eco Kids of the Palapa Society.  If you wish to participate in this worthwhile and fun project, please contact :


Sea Turtle Peak Nesting Season – Peak sea turtle nesting season has started! As you are walking down the beach keep your eyes open for sea turtle tracks in the sand and enjoy. You can report new nests or female sightings to Enedino or with the coordinates/location.


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 Update Water Forum 2015

There was a large turn out for ACTS first Water Forum May 16th. Lots of information and questions were presented, but more follow up is needed on this important topic.  A new conservation group is being formed to address BCS water supply, equality, uses and water quality in our area. Looking to join forces with all local groups to we can better address the issue of water shortage in the Todos Santos area. Please contact the secretary if you would like to participate. Thank you!

Meeting notes posted on the Water tab (SAPA/Ejido Water)

ACTS May 16th Water Forum




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BCS Residents:
The developers (Groupo Salinas) of the Los Cardones Mine project are at it again!  Sierra Laguna Biosphere has had activity in the nearby area for road widening and excavation. Join a caravan group, to support the Rancho family living close by the mining site who have been terribly harassed.  Funds are being collected to rebuild the destroyed house. 
If you are in the Todos Santos area, plan on driving your own car and joining the anti-mine caravan at the Parque Los Pinos in TS.  Contact Bonnie to find how to support this family and when people are going up:
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Sierra Water  ACTS Water Forum:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Local Water and Now Can Ask!

ACTS is sponsoring a community Water Forum that has been scheduled for Saturday, May 16th. (Changed from April 25, 2015) We will feature a panel of water officials and various water experts. In order to structure this meeting in a manner that truly meets the water informational needs of the community, ACTS would like to know what YOU want to know regarding the issue of water, both city and ejidal. Please send water questions/concerns to Vickie Butler at

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Dear ACTS Members, Friends and Residents!

Saturday, March 7th, over 100 individuals assembled for the ACTS 2015 Annual Meeting.  The ACTS Board, Chairpersons and Advisors were extremely pleased by the presence of the large group and truly thank all of you who took the time to attend. The MINUTES of the meeting are posted on this web site.
The  purpose of Saturday’s meeting was twofold:
*To provide information on ACTS activities during 2014;
*To provide information by a variety of speakers regarding issues pertinent to our community.
Because attendees appeared to have much interest and concern about the issue of water,  ACTS will sponsor a Water Forum with various local and state water officials/experts.  The purpose of that forum will be to provide information on the topic of water as it relates to our community, and to give attendees plenty of time to ask questions. Planning this for April. Specific date, time and place TBA .
*** In order to join ACTS, renew your membership and pay the annual dues of 500 pesos,  just go to our new website at and pay via PayPal; or contact Membership Chairs Bill & Cathy Nation at itacknjibe(at)yahoo(dot)com
Again, thank you for your support, please read the meeting MINUTES.
Together We Are Strong!!
ACTS Board of Directors

**Please note:  During the past several years, ACTS has played an important role in improving the security, infrastructure and health of Todos Santos and the surrounding communities.  Officials Todos Santos and La Paz  do take the role and influence of ACTS very seriously. Please help us continue the work that benefits you by joining ACTS membership.

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Annual Meeting, 2015 ACTS (Asociacion de Colonias de Todos Santos)

Saturday March 7, 2015 (10am – 12pm)

Casa Ejidal, Calle Militar Downtown Todos Santos

10am Greeting, Opening remarks by ACTS President Gloria S. Ruenitz

Board of Director’s Changes/Financial Report

Vickie Butler VP ACTS/Map Project/Bill Nation- Membership

10:30am Speakers (10 minutes each/80 minutes) Local community

Q&A and Closing Remarks