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Dues are payable through PayPal (link below), Direct Deposit (Bancomer Account #0184710703 in the name of COLONOS LAS TUNAS, A.C.) , or by Check (Please make all checks payable to COLONOS LAS TUNAS, A.C.).

Basic Annual Dues are only 500 pesos, but Donations are welcome of any amount over 500 pesos. For assistance contact


Also, In lieu of Dues, we offer Volunteer Hours. If interested, contact

Why Join this nonprofit A.C. Homeowners Association?


Our surroundings play a huge role in how we experience our lives. Whether you moved to Todos Santos or maybe you grew up here… you are a part of what instills the spirit of this community. Whether social isolationist or butterfly, we have common ground. There is a way for us to protect, preserve, and maintain this ground…and that is to unite in those efforts. Sharing common ground can pave the way for all of us to benefit far more together than separately.

Benefits of Membership

Besides the potential of making new friendships, organized efforts always present a stronger case for anything we as a group deem necessary to be done. Officials of the Mexican government have made it clear that we must be an official voting body in order to be heard, and for our requests to be responded to and acted upon. Our numbers are many, and we have a right to have a voice and to be concerned about the welfare of our area. The only way to achieve this is as an official voting body. The name “Colonias de Todos Santos” means “Neighborhoods of Todos Santos”; “Los Colonos” means “residents” of Todos Santos.   ACTS is an officially recognized Community Association that exists for that purpose. . Whether for individual or general community concerns such as water shortages, trash collection, road grading, or crime, we all benefit from the strength of our unity.

How are Membership Dues used? We depend on Annual Dues and Donations to maintain operational costs of the organization such as monthly Accounting & Legal fees, office supplies, printing costs of each project’s materials, Promotion and Implementation of our events, and Website and Social Media. If you have expertise or talent in any of these areas, we would very much welcome your help. Transparency is of upmost importance to us, and our financial records are viewable upon request.

w1887During the past several years, ACTS has played an important role in improving the security, infrastructure and health of Todos Santos and the surrounding communities.  Officials from Todos Santos and La Paz do take the role and influence of ACTS very seriously. Please help us continue the work that benefits you by becoming a member, or helping out on a local committee!

We offer a number of Active Committees focused on diverse interests: Services and Utilities, Eco/Environment, Community Outreach and Education, Emergency Services, Vecinos Vigilantes, Legal/Advisory, Comfort Care & Assistance, and Social Media. Each Committee Chair individually schedules their own meetings. Each Committee has separate accounting and donations can be designated towards specific purposes. When filling out your form, please specify your desire to join one and the appropriate chair will contact you.

YoAmoTSWe are all aware of the many issues that consistently come up that must be addressed, and can best be handled as an Assosciation, if action is required. An annual meeting for the general membership will be held each year. Individual committee meetings will be determined by each committee and its Chairperson. We urge you to become a member and have a voice.