Trash & Recycling

A New Town Dumpster

A new large trash dumpster is now available (on the street below the theatre) so that bagged trash can be dropped off. The container is being emptied on a daily basis via the local garbage truck. Now, individuals who don’t receive weekly garbage service have a convenient place to dump trash. The  receptacle cost was funded partly by a donation from ACTS along with contributions from several individuals. This new container is a pilot project, with another bin possible in the future and located on the other side of town.

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“Adopt a Barrio”

Locals are encouraged to “Adopt a Street or Barrio”.  This is where people get together, hire a truck and get some workers (if needed) for cleaning up a particular area once a month. You can do it with a ‘neighbourhood team’. Get gloves and trash bags to collect garbage with.  Set out trash bags for town Municipal pick up or call for a trash removal truck. Resources listed below.

Get extra help for bigger jobs: Christian Recovery Center charges 250 pesos a day per man, for manpower. Señor Demetrio, Director is at 612.151.4980

Dump truck resources : It is 700 pesos for a large dump truck run Call Tito:  612.149.5574  Large truck with front loader OR Flavi:  612.100.8969  For a smaller truck, load by hand.

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New Recycling Center location

Located at the end of town, to the south (coming from Cabo on Hwy 19)

Open Monday – Friday, 9:00, am to 2:00 pm.

Currently it is limited to plastic, cardboard, aluminium and tin, but eventually will take glass. ACTS will post recycle info on our FB page. By donation.

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Basura – Community Clean Up

   Pueblo Limpio/Pueblo Mágico: Emanuela has been organizing clean up days around Todos Santos for the past several years. Kids from the Palapa Society have been helping! Please participate if you can or offer supplies for problem areas. She posts dates and locations for clean up days in the Baja Western Onion. They will provided garbage bags and gloves.  Contact:  emagard(-at), 612-161-2907web_0692trashday

NEW Tee SHIRTS available.  Soft cotton V neck and in different colours…


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Municipal Trash:

The problem of trash is ongoing  since the dump gets overfull and closed for many months during the summer. Recycle, Reuse and Reduce your trash!

Finding more wood chipping machines would help remove & recycle tree waste piles thought the barrios and huerta (after storms). It can be recycled into ground cover.