Active Committees

  • ECO Committee: Focus on Coastal and Marine Habitat Preservation, Mining Issues, Beach Monitoring Program, Water Quality and Service. Contact:
  • Community Outreach, Education, and Health: Comfort Care & Assistance: Offering hospice/end of life care in the home, post-surgery assistance, elder care & companionship.  The legal process for dying is complicated and must begin within an hour of death, no matter what time it occurs. It is something we all must be prepared for in order to avoid being blindsided by everything you are required to do…. while grieving.  Also, if you are interested in Hospice Volunteering, we are in the process of arranging and launching a training program. Please contact to sign up.
  • Map Project: Final changes in the works. Maps will be distributed to all First Responders, as well as available as part of the 2018-19 Phone Book.
  • Trash and Recycling:
    Focus on Volunteer Street and Beach Cleanups, Truck Maintenance, Recycling Center Support. Check our FB page for any upcoming cleanup dates (FB page link)